Browser requirements

  1. No Internet Explorer 6.
  2. IE7 testing & support: +75% on final bill. It doesn’t matter if the site works out of the box in this browser; as soon you ask me to fire up my virtual machine and test your site, you pay 75% more.
  3. IE8 testing & support: +25% on final bill.
  4. Everything that can be done using modern technologies, will be done as such. This mean: shadows (text shadows, box shadows), rounded corners and everything else will be done using CSS3. This means cleaner code, but also that IE may behave a little… different. Not broken, just different. After all, „Do websites need to look exactly the same in every browser?”. If you want to find somebody to blame, try here.

So what are the browser are you support afterall? Latest stable versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. No Beta versions, no RC versions.

What about mobile?

Since browser version means OS version, I’ll support older version only by adding +25% (sort of Fibonacci sequence) on the bill for each outdated version (25% for iOS 6, 50% for iOS 5, 75% for iOS4 and so on; same for Android).

Why I’m doing this? Time is a limited resource and my time is too valuable to spend it on ancient technologies. If you really need older browsers, you should afford to pay for it. Simple enough, no?

Browser stats

First of all, check your analytics! Awstats, G.Analytics, anything you have should be a good start. If your site is new and don’t have any user base, check one of the following:

  1. IE6Countdown
  3. W3C
  4. W3Counter
  5. Wiki

If you still want to work with me please tell me what you need.

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