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Front-end Job Interview Questions – am răspuns corect la un sfert din întrebările despre JavaScript. Html, jQuery sau CSS au fost ușoare. Goodbye, JQuery Validation: HTML5 Form Errors With CSS3; Patterns For Large-Scale JavaScript Application Architecture; Essential JavaScript Design Patterns For Beginners (update); Stop paying your jQuery tax; Using JavaScript’s Prototype with MVC; The client-side […]

After trying almost a DAY to figure out why the hell I can’t make the Phonegap’s file API to play nice on iOS 4.x, even if on iOS 5.x everything was just peachy, i tried very last thing i got on my head. Ok, so I had this snippet of code: As I said, everything […]

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How to Reuse the Post Editor in WordPress 3.3; 15 Entertaining & Informative WordPress Infographics; Advanced WordPress Development; jQuery 1.7 a fost lansat. Sitepoint a făcut o listă cu ce e nou; Demystifying jQuery 1.7”²s $.Callbacks; Why Stylesheet Abstraction Matters; Building Web Pages with Local Storage; Web Design and Development Business Tips: 3 Ways to […]

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