Link-urile săptămânii 24-31 Octombrie

CSS3 in practice; Advanced HTML5 video and audio use on iOS: bugs and quirks; Harta româniei cu SVG și Raphael; 10 Essential Differences Between HTML4 and HTML5; HTML5 Dev Conf: JavaScript Programming Style and Your Brain with Douglas Crockford; Native Fullscreen JavaScript API (plus jQuery plugin); Improve The User Experience By Tracking Errors; easyModal.js; Instant […]

Link-urile săptămânii 5-11 septembrie

Am fost o săptămână foarte… productivă, din toate punctele de vedere, inclusiv link-urile strânse. Enjoy! Keymaster.js este o modalitate foarte simplă de a defini diverse shortcuts în JavaScript. Improving HTML5 Canvas Performance. A Developer’s Guide to HTML5 Canvas. Making the Transition to HTML5. Don’t Style Headings Using HTML5 Sections. The ridiculous case of adding a […]

get_permalink memory usage issues Introduction to Custom Hooks and Pluggable Functions Patterns For Large-Scale JavaScript Application Architecture JavaScript and DOM API fuss The Ultimate Collection of HTML5 Tutorials and Techniques Learn Vim Progressively The Differences Between Mercurial and Git Should Web Designers Code?

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