This might sound like crazy, but I had to import about 3-4000 entries from a non-WP site to a… well, WP site. The problem, however, was that the site was multilanguage, and half of these posts were in different language. Using WPML plugin sounds like a great idea since I used it already on several […]

Recently I had the third case of very slow comment submission on a blog with many comments. One of these blogs has a couple of posts with over 5000 comments each. The other two have a huge load of traffic (20-30k+/day) and a fairly high amount of comments (500-1000 comments/day). How the problem was manifesting? […]

Adobe shadow

Poate că ar fi fost mai potrivit în „linkurile săptămânii”, dar este un tool prea important pentru a se pierde în marea de link-uri. Prin urmare: adobe shadow

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