A Beginner’s Guide To jQuery-Based JSON API Clients Authoring jQuery Plugins With Object Oriented JavaScript 30 Days to Learn jQuery Naming Convention in CSS Don’t use class names to find HTML elements with JS Learn from Haskell – Functional, Reusable JavaScript Valid JavaScript variable names. Hint: ლ_ಠ益ಠ_ლ & ಠ_ಠ Internationalization: You’re probably doing it wrong […]

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Front-end Job Interview Questions – am răspuns corect la un sfert din întrebările despre JavaScript. Html, jQuery sau CSS au fost ușoare. Goodbye, JQuery Validation: HTML5 Form Errors With CSS3; Patterns For Large-Scale JavaScript Application Architecture; Essential JavaScript Design Patterns For Beginners (update); Stop paying your jQuery tax; Using JavaScript’s Prototype with MVC; The client-side […]

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PNGGauntlet The Responsive grid generator Responsive Web Design Tools and Services Love your devices: adaptive web design with media queries, viewport and more Event Organiser – plugin WP Backbone Fundamentals – A Free Book For Developers Of All Levels What else does HTML5 need to defeat flash? (Part 1) & Part 2 Test-Driven JavaScript Development […]

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