After trying almost a DAY to figure out why the hell I can’t make the Phonegap’s file API to play nice on iOS 4.x, even if on iOS 5.x everything was just peachy, i tried very last thing i got on my head. Ok, so I had this snippet of code: As I said, everything […]

Just a quick note: if you have any troubles with Phonegap after you used: in your app (that is, you don’t see the page like it should, instead you see everything zoomed in), you may want to add this into your PhoneGap.plist: That’s all. Enjoy!

iPad. Magic.

Toată lumea știe că iPadul este magic. Nu? Well… Nu prea. iPad pare a fi un fel de IE6. În plus, zilele astea am lucrat la un soi de webapp pentru ipad. Câteva din problemele întâlnite: Tag-ul video nu suportă toate atributele standard. loop și autoplay sunt ignorate cu grație, punându-te în imposibilitatea de a […]

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