Am avut primul contact cu iOS7 încă de la început, de la primul beta disponibil. Pe la beta 3 am început să testez un site în Safari și am avut doar „bucurii”. Speram să fie problemele caracteristice unui beta. Nu a fost să fie și, odată cu lansarea versiunii finale, Safari de pe iOS7 a devenit o problemă reală. Un mic rezumat:

  • UI Changes: toolbar tint, problems with new full-screen navigation, new home screen icon sizes; no <title> usage on iPhone; possible conflicts with new gestures.
  • New devices: nothing new about them for web developers, same as iPhone 5.
  • HTML5 markup: video tracks, , REMOVED support for input type=datetime
  • HTML5 APIs: Page Visibility, AirPlay API, canvas enhancements, REMOVED support for Shared Workers, Web Speech Synthesis API, unprefixed Web Audio and Animation Timing, Mutation Observer and other minor additions. BIG PROBLEM with WebSQL using more than 5Mb.
  • CSS: Regions, Sticky position, FlexBox, ClipPath, unprefixed Transitions and other enhancements
  • Home Screen webapps: SEVERAL SEVERE PROBLEMS (for example, no alert support!)
  • Native webapps: Web View Pagination, JavaScript runtime for native apps and video playing new abilities

De aici.


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