input type=”url” is broken!

In the same way you type in your address bar your favorite site without using protocol part (that is http://), I expect the same from input type="url". Unfortunately, Chrome (as well as other browsers; chill IE, I’m talking about real browsers!) decided that you must add the http:// part to your url!

Probably someone at w3c decided that it’s an awesome idea. Well, guess what! It’s a stupid idea!

PS: Developers that are too lazy to make an extra check on server side should quit their job.

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    The syntax is:

  2. Staicu Ionuț-Bogdan

    @Andrei: thanks for the comment. I know what the syntax is, but I was thinking that url fields should/can act somehow like address bars in ALL browsers (from IE3 to Chrome 22). Silly me :)

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