One of the best site I use to read is Besides great articles, you can find some great books on this site. Anyhow, there is a major problem: they won’t deliver in Romania! Why? They said we are a high risk country.


There is a big, big (huge!) but! They ship in this countries (some picks):

  • Afganistan. C’mon, after Monkey Bush seek & destroyed this country, the only books they need is „Rebuilding a country for dummies”!
  • Antarctica (!!!). I bet there is some penguins and polar bears who want really BADLY to read some good stuff!
  • Bermuda. Probably the package will disappear in the damn triangle!
  • Cambodia, Congo and… Congo. Yes, Congo is in that list twice! I don’t know if even they have electricity!
  • Christmas Island. Dude, the only thing they need is snow! Every time of the year is Christmas and they need snow. Not books, SNOW!

Ok sitepoint, now seriously: you ship in a LOT of country with high risk of fraud. You even ship in Moldova. Which, if you read a history book, you will find it IS Romania. They only was under soviet occupation, but they are romanian people!

Let’s make a simple list:

  • send books & cd’s in Romania
  • send books & cd’s & electronics!
  • Our country is a fully UE member
  • Paypal has finally accepted us
  • Sitepoint thinks we are a risky country

I usually buy books I like, but for sitepoint i make an exception: i will download them from torrents. Yes, i know i can buy them from (by the way, they don’t think we are a risky country, but hey, who am I to judge?), but if Sitepoint show us no respect, why the hell show anything else?

Fair enough, right?

PS: Nu vreau comentarii în română. Dacă ai ceva de spus, fă-o în engleză! Orice comentariu în română va fi șters.

15 Comentarii to “Dear”

  1. I’ve asked them the same thing almost two years ago, and their response was pretty much the same.

    That they allegedly ship in countries under war is a little bit weird.

    Anyhow, I don’t agree with the torrents thing. No, seriously, that’s pretty much a proof for what they’re invoking as an excuse for not shipping in our country. Calm down and give them an intelligent lesson.

    If you want some books from them, maybe you can find some on All you have to pay is the shipping :)

  2. Why you bitch, mă?
    It’s not like you really expect to find in those books, stuff that you don’t know already.
    If you really want to help the author, just get it off Amazon and that’s that.
    Or even better, just start writing your own book ?

  3. I think that the P.S. message at the end was clearly targeted at me. :)

    Where is the list with the countries they ship to? :)

  4. Staicu Ionuț-Bogdan

    @Ionut G. Stan & @Cătălin: Basically you are right. But if I buy those books from another site, they won’t even notice that we are not listed on their site.

    It’s all about respect, don’t you think?

  5. Errr … they’re americans … that kind of sums it up imho.

  6. I stopped reading Sitepoint since there was nothing new or interesting for me to read.

    Get over it!

  7. @Programare Sociala, they list each and every country in this world. Except for Romania.

    @Catalin Nicolescu, actually, they’re aussies :) And they have a Romanian girl in their team.

    @Staicu Ionuț-Bogdan, respect it’s not really an excuse for stealing books. The books’ authors have no guilty for SitePoint’s decisions. What we can do is ban our use of their site (although I like some of their forums) and maybe lobby the authors to ask them to introduce Romania in that list.

    And by the way. They actually ship to Romania. At some point, they were giving away some pocket book about Adobe Flex, and I won one. They shipped it, but instead of just one book I got two, in separate envelopes.

  8. Staicu, I just wanted to drop in and acknowledge that your not alone with this concern, and it’s something we want to fix.

    About 2 weeks ago I met with our CFO (chief financial officer) about this very issue, and early in the new year we are going to do some thing about it. I know this doesn’t solve your problem right now, but I just wanted to drop in an say that we’ve heard you feedback, and fully intend to act on it.

  9. Staicu Ionuț-Bogdan

    @Shayne Tilley: Thanks for your reply. Let’s wait then till January and see the unseen :D

  10. Please tell me if I’m wrong:
    I believe that if we pay in advance trough PayPal everybody can be sure to get his money, even more, they can ask only for verified PayPal customers and they should be pretty safe.
    I think that once a country has the ability to verify customers for PayPal it should be able to pay anything, especially if paid in advance.
    Books were not on my wish list from foreign websites but I was amazed to not be able to order T-shirts from and other stuff from other places.
    I am ashamed to say that I pirated a few t-shirts :)

  11. You said it… like a high risk people, that they say we are, we’re ready to take your advice, download it from torrents.

    And it’s 2 bad, I always preferred to buy the real book, instead to keep it on an HDD…

  12. And talking about Congo… that’s Congo Brazzaville, and Congo Kinsasha… ;)

  13. Staicu Ionuț-Bogdan

    And talking about Congo… that’s Congo Brazzaville, and Congo Kinsasha… ;)

    C’mon dude, I know! But take a look at their list:

    Well? :D

    Besides that, the first list is just for fun, not real facts (just think at Christmas Island :) )

  14. I think I’ve bought 2 books from sitepoint (pdf versions since I don’t like more junk in my room). I was able to download them fast and read them on my PC. But, if this is true, then believe me I will DOWNLOAD them from the Torrents too. Just to show my lack of respect for their lack of respect. Good to know.

  15. Romania is still out of that list. I guess they simply don’t care enough.

    @Shayne: Shameful. I am aware of the fact that we have some nasty people around here, but other countries also have such people as well. It’s not that Cristian Darie would need to buy a copy of his book, but if his friends/family want it, tough luck! At least you know Cristian is Romanian, right?

    @Catalin Nicolescu: Ionuț may not need (newbie) Sitepoint books, but there are a lot of developers at earlier stages that would buy them – or even Ionuț if we plans to turn them into gifts/prizes for whoever we wants. Speaking for myself, I’m still learning web development, although I have a fair background, but having hard copies of those books would be very nice for me because I like reading from paper and I like good programming books. That last one I loved was Chris Shiflett’s Essential PHP Security. But hey… O’Reilly delivers in Romania.

    @Shayne again: Do you really expect us to believe we are the worst on this planet? Get a grip! I even had the decency to decline someone’s request to offer him a PDF copy of a book you had for free for a limited time when he asked it AFTER your campaign stopped. I have even sent an e-mail to ask for Sitepoint’s permission to offer it. I guess you don’t deserve such respect. Shame on you, people! That’s some poor management you got there.

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