“Could not find this item” (W7) quick fix

Ok, so I had this file on my Desktop since… alwasy I guess. Zero bytes in size and every single time when I tried to remove it I got this awesome and super explicit error: Could not find this item. Yet the file was there!

The solution is very simple:

  1. Open command prompt (win+r => cmd or shift+right click on folder => open command prompt);
  2. Type dir /x. This will list files in an shorter format, 8.3 (if you are over 20-25 years old, you probably have no idea what’s that; that’s ok, go watch American Idol or something)
  3. Now, instead of Your impossible to delete file you will only have YOURIM~1 or so. (dir command won’t byte, i promise you!)
  4. del YOURIM~1
  5. Done!

Thanks Microsoft!

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