Link-urile săptămânii 10-16 Octombrie

  1. Understanding JavaScript OOP;
  2. Efficient Encapsulation of JavaScript Objects;
  3. money.js & open source Exchange Rates;
  4. Advanced Polling with jQuery ;
  5. New Mobile Safari stuff in iOS5: position:fixed, overflow:scroll, new input type support, web workers, ECMAScript 5;
  6. Advanced Layout Templates In WordPress Content Editor;
  7. Using the Google Analytics API in WordPress;
  8. How To: Create Tabs with the Settings API in WordPress;
  9. 0-60 with Goliath: building high-performance (Ruby) web services;
  10. Manifested – Get a jump start on converting your site to running offline using HTML5;
  11. A Programmer’s Greatest Enemy & Four Kinds of Stuck;
  12. Githaven și gitlabhq sunt două… alternative open source pentru Github;
  13. Google a scos „the next JavaScript killer language”, Dart. Care Dart „compilează” un simplu Hello World în doar 17k linii JavaScript. So, What Is Wrong About 17259 Lines Of Code ?

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