Link-urile săptămânii 22-28 august

  1. Avoiding The Quirks: Lessons From A JavaScript Code Review;
  2. IE6 a făcut 10 ani! Eu zic că e suficient…
  3. jQuery Performance Tips and Tricks;
  4. Line-height in input fields
  5. Improve Responsive Designs & Re-Use Images With CSS3’s Background-Size Property;
  6. Event delegation for touch events in JavaScript;
  7. WordPress Initialization (cred că acest link a mai fost pus, dar nu sunt foarte sigur);
  8. Getting rusty – we need new best practices for a different development world;
  9. Top 10 Easy Ways to Squeeze Optimum Productivity from Your Day;
  10. The Programmiss and Male Services.

2 Comentarii to “Link-urile săptămânii 22-28 august”

  1. Mi se pare foarte tare articolul “WordPress Initialization”, e interesant de vazut cum functioneaza cap-coada. Plus ca unele idei pot fi imprumutate si in proiectele personale.

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